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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Wake-up Call

Rose Lo-Garcia: Rose is a pre-school teacher and runs her own school. She decided to join the 19th annotation to discern God’s plan for her.

At first, I knew that teaching was where God wanted me to be. But God decided to give me a surprise–unexpected, totally overwhelming and not exactly “according to my plan” surprise. God decided to pass on the ownership of a reputable, established preschool in my hands. Really, it was okay except that IT WAS NOT MY DREAM. I wanted something else… something better for me and for my family. Naghinanakit ako sa Diyos. Bakit ito? Hindi naman ito akin. At this season in my life, my prayer life was not ready to deal with the new “baggages.” Then I realized that what God presented to me was not new after all. It was my wake-up call from Him.

RDL helped me respond to that wake-up call. It was a painful journey to be presented with realities about myself which I would rather not face. It was a journey to POVERTY and to die to this “SELF” that I have made of myself. I was reminded that even my dreams, my pride, my abilities, my skills, everything is naught, except when I fulfill my desire to love God. As I look back now, having been given the school, I know it is God’s way of telling me, “This is it, Rose. You have grown so tall and strong, so proud and independent. This is the time of pruning so that you may bear fruit for MY GREATER GLORY.”

It continues to be a difficult journey though, but less painful and more BLESSED each day. God has not stopped giving me more “surprises.” Besides, I have re-discovered the essence of prayer, that is–listening and seeing God’s ways with the heart more clearly, feeling overwhelmed by His love and becoming more free each day to respond to His love and to His many surprises.


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